Eagle, model B.

Manufacturer: probably Yamaki
Years Offered: 1979 - 1982
Body:  arched top, double cutaway, multiple bound edges, “comfort cutaway” on backside.
Body Wood(s): ash, rosewood or maple top, also top layer on headstock with bound edges.
Neck Wood: 5 piece, maple-rosewood, neck-through
Fingerboard: ebony, brass/nickel-silver ring or pearl “wing”  inlays, multiple bound edges
Frets: 22
Scale: 630 mm
Tuners: Washburn “deluxe”, sealed, 3xR, 3xL
Pickups: 2x “Washburn Power Sustain” humbucker, two height adjustment screws on top side.
Electronics:  2xV, 2xT, 3-way pickup selector, push-pull coil-split on both volume controls.
Bridge-Tailpiece: Washburn “Harmonic Lock”, string through body
Hardware: chrome or gold plated, brass saddles, brass nut
Finish: tobacco brown with rosewood top, blonde with maple top, cherry sunburst with maple top, tobacco sunburst with maple top, ivory white, black.

Colour/hardware scheme:  
Rosewood: chromed hardware and  knobs, brass or nickel silver ring inlays, cream pu’s + rings
Cherry sunburst:  gold plated hardware and knobs, brass ring inlays, cream pu’s + rings. Also seen with rosewood bindings (altough rare) instead of cream coloured edges.
Tobacco sunburst: chromed hardware and knobs, brass ring inlays, cream pu's + rings
Blonde maple: gold plated hardware and knobs, brass ring inlays, black pu’s + rings, rosewood bindings.
Ivory white: gold plated hardware and knobs, pearl “wing” inlays, cream pu’s + rings
Black: gold plated hardware, pearl “wing” inlays, cream pu’s + rings

Comment: control cavity (squary shape) and trussrod cover made of wood, jack input on the side of the guitar, serial nr. is 6 digits, stamped on back of headstock. 

The last (1982) run of B-model guitars have the name Eagle printed in italic on the (plastic?) trussrod cover, and the electronics cover is made of black aluminium instead of wood.