Falcon, model B.

Manufacturer: probably Yamaki
Years Offered: 1979 - 1982
Body:  arched top, double cutaway, bound edges
Body Wood(s): ash, rosewood or maple top, also top layer on headstock with bound edges.
Neck Wood: 5 piece, maple-rosewood, neck-through
Fingerboard: ebony, brass ring inlays, bound edges
Frets: 22
Scale: 630 mm
Tuners: Washburn “deluxe”, sealed, 3xR, 3xL
Pickups: 2x “Washburn Power Sustain” humbucker, two height adjustment screws on top side.
Electronics:  2xV, 2xT, 3-way pickup selector, push-pull coil-split on both volume controls.
Bridge-Tailpiece: Washburn “Harmonic Lock”, string through body
Hardware: chrome, brass saddles, brass nut
Finish: tobacco brown with rosewood top, blonde with rosewood top, blonde with blonde maple top, cherry sunburst with maple top, tobacco sunburst with maple top, candy apple red with maple top.
Comment: control cavity (squary shape) and trussrod cover made of wood, jack input on the side of the guitar, serial nr. is 5 or 6 digits only, stamped on back of headstock. This model is  the most common version of the Falcon.

The last (1982) run of B-model guitars have the name Falcon printed in italic on the (plastic) trussrod cover, the electronics cover is made of aluminium and the guitars have a caved "comfort cutaway" backside like the B-model Eagle.