This website is dedicated to the Washburn Wing Series. Building this site took place after a research period of about 15 months, checking out several forums, tons of pics, collectors websites, auction sites, serial numbers and other clues. The goal i had in mind was to build and maintain an accurate and objective source of information on the 1978-1984 Washburn Wing-series and to make it possible and easy for every Wing owner to identify his or her guitar. Another goal was to identify all the manufacturers that were involved in building the Wings but i couldn't find enough hard evidence to do so. Maybe that puzzle will be solved one day.

This website is a non-profit and non-commercial source of information on the Washburn Wing Series. The Washburn name and logo are registered trademarks, property of the Washburn Guitar Company in Chicago, IL, United States.

Other guitar related websites and people who intend to sell a Washburn Wing through auction sites such as eBay, are allowed to put up a link to the main page of this website ( to provide potential buyers and site visitors an extra source of information. However it is strictly not permitted or appreciated to directly link to other pages and pictures, or to copy and "borrow" pictures or other parts of the available information.

Thank you to all that contributed to this website by providing information and pictures of your guitars. Special thanks go out to N. Keyser and J. Buccola from The Guitar Gallery, to Salem B for access to his archives, and to Laurie Halsey Brown who helped me out with shipping a gorgeous Vulture Bass across the Atlantic.

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