The Guitar Gallery
This website is a great source of information on all guitars produced by Japanese guitar manufacturer Matsumoku. The site contains tons of pics, specs and a lively forum with a lot of friendly and helpful people. It also has a section with a number of catalog scans containing the Japanese built Washburns, including the Wing Series.

Washburn Guitars
Alive since 1883 in acoustic string instruments, manufacuring electric guitars and basses since the Wing Series came in 1978.

The Washburn Forums
A large forum on all Washburn guitars and basses can be found here.
A recently built informative website about Washburn electric guitars, acoustic guitars and basses. Featuring some catalog scans from the Wing Series era.

Daion Guitars
The Yamaki guitar factory existed for only a short period in the 1970's and early 1980's. They built guitars for Washburn in that era but became famous with their own brand of high end quality guitars, Daion.

Westone Guitars
Westone guitars and basses were produced by Matsumoku in Japan until 1985, after that production shifted to Korea. This website is a great source of information on all Westones ever produced. People looking for spare parts to get their Westone back in original shape might try their luck here.

The Westone Forums
A recently built forum page on the Westone guitars.