Site News

October 18, 2011.
Started working on a site upgrade. The plan is to improve the re-issue section by sorting them out and spliting them up in between different models. Also added a page named Collections + More, a section where collectors can show their Wings, an idea that came from one of the contributers to this site. The More-part on this page will be some articles and maybe a few catalog-scans. In the mail: pics from a neat looking Scavenger bass and permission to use them on the site.. it's coming up soon.

September 18, 2011.
Uploaded pics of a beautiful red '81 B-Falcon, thanks to Frank E. Next to the planned collections page i'm also planning on improving the re-issue's section later in this year.

September 12, 2011.
Uploaded pics of a brownburst '81 Raven. More coming up soon and apologies for the slow response on e-mails and such.. busy times here. A plan for the near future (couple of months or so) is to add a new chapter where there will be room for collectors to show their entire Wings-collection. Large collections will each get it's own individual page, smaller ones might become combined but everyone with more than one Wing is most welcome to show their guitars on this site.

July 4, 2011.
Made some small changes and added some details. More coming up.

September 1, 2010.
Uploaded pics of a B-model Vulture in 2 pickup configuration, thanks to Jean.

August 22, 2010.
Uploaded pics of a T-Bird DL and two more A-model Hawks, thanks to Freek, Jaison and Jon B.

August 20, 2010.
Small update but a lot more coming soon. Added a link to the newly found website featuring Wing Series catalog scans and information on a lot of other Washburn models.

March 12, 2010.
Upload pics (thanks to Danny) of another re-issue incarnation and finally uploaded pics of a standard B-Hawk and a Raven.

December 28, 2009.
Launched the new site layout with the divided model pages and the improved A-model sections of the Hawk and Falcon. Uploaded pics of 2x A-model Hawk (thanks to Frank E and Alan M) and pics of an unusual C-model Falcon (thanks to Don). With the freshly sorted A-model specs the site is a major step closer to completion.. additional pics of missing models are very welcome.

December 25, 2009.
Started working on the earlier announced overhaul of the site. The Hawk, Falcon, Eagle and Vulture model pages will be split up into A-, B-, and C- model pages so each model will have it's own page. Decided to keep the picture-blocks the size they are now to avoid sideways scrolling on smaller screens like notebooks.

November 10, 2009.
Finally some time to work on the site. Received a lot of positive comments, pics and aditional info in the last few months and was really pleased with that. Uploaded pics of a 1992 re-issue, thanks to Woody for donating them. Totally different guitar compared to the one that was already there.

Still puzzlin' on the old Hawks and Falcons, but getting closer to having enough pics and specs for a major site update. Under investigation is a possible start of manufacturing and sales as early as 1977. Also it seems to be that the majority of A-model guitars that have a letter behind the 5-digit serial, have the letter "E". Wonder if that marks a certain manufacturer? Suggestions are welcome.

Also under investigation: maybe there was a production change or even manufacturer switch within the B-models? It seems that on the 81's a different font is used for the serial nr stamp and, more significant, the neck profiles are different, thicker and more D-shaped compared to the '79 and '80 B-models guitars.

July 14, 2009.
Updating the Raven-section was needed after receiving an e-mail with strong evidence (thank you Oscar) that the Ravens were produced as early as 1978. Also it showed that the Ravens initially had a serial system similar to the early Hawks and Falcons (5 digits + 1 letter) and the serials were printed/stamped on a sticker, this might very well be the reason why there are quite a few Ravens without a serial number. Further investigation (on body materials for instance) will take place.

Still busy trying to find out all the different types of A-model Hawks and Falcons. Also coming up: pics and specs of the 2008 anniversary Washburn Eagle.

April 2, 2009.
Uploaded pics of two Hawks, a B-model from the "transition"-period and a standard C-model, thanks to Mathias for both of them. Also uploaded pics of two A-model Falcons, thanks to Jim W and Jon G. The differences between these guitars are quite visible and i will re-organize the A-models section as soon as i have enough further evidence to do so.

March 27, 2009.
First of all a big "thank you!" to all the people who e-mailed me with positive comments and ideas for the site and to the people who were happy to donate pictures of their guitars.

Major news is that the mighty Eagle is re-issued again by the end of last year to celebrate Washburn's 125th anniversary. The new Eagle is set-neck arch-top, high gloss black and has the old Washburn-logo on the headstock. The re-issue section will be updated/upgraded soon.

Other news is that in the future the Hawk and Falcon A-models section will be re-written and likely devided in A1, A2 and A3. That became nessecary (spelled wrong perhaps) after discovering that there are 3 (or maybe even more) versions: the most common version as currently described on the site, the version with the odd wing-shape (normal cutaways instead of the 90 degree angle) and the third version (the oldest?) with a differently shaped headstock, no serial nr and slightly different shape electronics-cover. One of these versions seem to have electronics mounted on a PCB that says "made by Yamaki". This could mean that Yamaki was involved in manufacturing both A- and B-model Wings. Also under investigation is a possible overlap in production of the A- and B-model Falcon since an A-model showed up with a serial starting with 80. Pics from A-model Hawks and Falcons are very welcome now to make the research-results and this website as accurate as possible.

Further future plans are a catalog scans section and maybe a chapter about the Wing-lookalike guitars that were available in the same era under the Morris and Lotus brand-names.

New discoveries: some new colours here and there (see through black B-Hawk, blue Raven) and there is a bass version of the B-model Eagle.. including the 5 piece neck, comfort cut on the backside and the brass ring inlays.. and it's incredibly pretty.

August 3, 2008.
Noticed that people finding the site trough a search-engine like Google could enter a page without seeing the navigation bar and the rest of the site. Added a "back to index page" button in the top left corner of every page to give visitors a chance to see the rest. Probably not the most sophisticated solution but it works.

July 31, 2008.
Altough some parts on the guitars are not original, decided to upload pics of another two B-model Eagles. All possible colour variations are covered on the site now. Coming up soon-ish: white Raven, tobacco burst B-model Hawk.

July 29, 2008.
Uploaded pics of a black Eagle B-model (thanks again to Fuzz and Willbo) and a Vulture B-model.

July 28, 2008.
Uploaded pics of a white Eagle B-model (thanks to Fuzz and Willbo), a blonde Vulture II (thanks to PGB1981) and a Falcon Vibrato C-model.

July 25, 2008.
Updated specs on the re-issue SB-80 and the Vulture B-model. Hope to get permission for publishing pics of a fretless Vulture A and a left-handed Vulture B. Got permission to upload pics of a white Eagle B and a Vulture II (SB-40) bass.