The Washburn Vulture is the bass version of the Hawk. The body of the Wing basses are larger than the body of the guitars. Made between 1978 and 1981 in two different models. Both A- and B- model were available in a one or two pickup configuration.
Besides that there is also a bass version of the B-model Eagle (5-piece neck, gold plated knobs, brass ring inlays on the fretboard) but at this point it's not clear if this was a regular production model or a (factory) one off custom made bass. All the Vulture models have 4 strings.

Visually their main characteristics are:
A-model (1978-1979): jack-input on the front, dark center stripe of neck wood visible on front of headstock, cilinder shaped saddles, plastic covers, oval shaped electronics cover on the 2-pickup version.
B-model (1979-1981): jack-input on the side, headstock covered with wood layer (stripe invisible), normal shaped saddles, wooden covers, squary shaped electronics cover on the 2-pickup version.